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« LE POULS DU COEUR » Backbend flow avec Juan Diaz.

Dimanche 12 avril de 14:45 -17:15

To explore a progressive and safe approach in to the group of backbend poses.⁣⁣


Will be learning supine, standing and arm balancing backbends making this workshop an opportunity to benefit energetically and physically from this amazing asanas.⁣
Finishing with Pranayama guided meditation and sound journey to free and feel Le Pouls du coeur.

ABOUT Juan Diaz⁣

Since an early age, Juan Diaz has had a deep curiosity for ancient techniques that help to gain a deeper understanding of existence and the self. As a teenager, he found yoga and felt the depth of this practice, realising that through movement (asana), breath awareness (pranayama) and meditation, he would be guided further into this exploration of the self and reality. He has been practicing for more than 10 years with different teachers around the world and is constantly developing his intuitive, fun and strong self-practices. Juan likes to integrate in his teaching, ancient and modern philosophy to create a space of connections within the body, mind and emotions.⁣

Juan’s style of teaching is dynamic, challenging and fun. He emphasises proper alignment by guiding you to a safe space for your body to express its own unique way of embodying the posture⁣.


TARIF : 35€⁣
TO BOOK : Mindbody & hello@mayashala.Com⁣

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